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Angry voices over the failure of the current Israeli government to stem the daily tide of muslim violence in the country are growing…what can PM Netanyahu do to crush the intifada?


Former Likud minister Gideon Saar insisted that he has not yet decided to return to political life, but that did not stop him from slamming the government’s handling of the current wave of terror.

Speaking in an Army Radio interview, Sa’ar attacked the government for what he said were its failures in providing security to Israel’s citizens. “It seems that the handling (of the security situation) has not been successful, and up to this point, has been quite a failure. Let’s first state things clearly, and then perhaps we can get to a better place.”

Sa’ar said that he, like many Israelis, had voted for the Likud and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for security reasons. “As far as results and actions are concerned on the security front in the last six months, we are not seeing it.”

He said that the government had been reacting to incidents, rather than setting clear goals.

Sa’ar called on Netanyahu’s security cabinet to work to remove the more than 1,000 illegal Palestinians in Israel, accusing the government of “a grave failure” in the handling of the issue.

Sa’ar argued that the current violence would not come to an end without rooting out the incitement that stands behind it. He called to expel those guilty of incitement to Gaza.

The former Likud minister, considered a possible challenger to Netanyahu’s leadership of the party before he resigned from politics in 2014, called


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