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Austria: Muslim taxi driver beats up gay couple, says “people like you should be shot”

Yet even as this is happening, woe to you — from the gay community — if you dare to point out Sharia persecution of gays. When AFDI ran ads highlighting the mistreatment of gays in Islamic law, the San Francisco City Council issued a resolution condemning not that mistreatment, but our ads. Gay advocates such as Theresa Sparks and Chris Stedman attacked us for daring to call attention to the institutionalized mistreatment of gays under Islamic law. Their gay advocacy doesn’t extend to standing up to Sharia oppression of gays, even though that oppression is far more virulent and violent than anything from “right-wing extremists” in the U.S. And you can’t blame them: given the Leftist/jihadist alliance, it’s clear that if they spoke out against Sharia mistreatment of gays, they would no longer be invited to the best parties, and might even be branded as “right-wing.” Their moral cowardice and duplicity, however, are obvious.


“‘People Like You Should Be Shot’: Muslim Taxi Driver Beat Up Gay Couple For Kissing In His Cab,” by Oliver JJ Lane, Breitbart, March 8, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A Muslim taxi driver in Vienna, Austria punched a gay man in the mouth during an altercation over what does and does not constitute acceptable public behaviour.

The 41-year-old driver, described as Muslim by top Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung accepted a fare from two men over the weekend from a restaurant by Vienna’s Habsburg Schönbrunn Palace, one of the country’s top tourist attractions.

After setting off the couple, men aged 27 and


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