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BOOM! Idaho DEFIES Obama, Does THIS to Destroy Sharia Law


Obama is dropping Muslim immigrants into little pockets throughout the United States. One of those states is Idaho and it looks like the people of this state have had enough.

Rep. Eric Redman recently introduced a bill that would ban the recognition of Sharia in Idaho courts. He is doing so even though the state would lose over $40 million in Obama funding, according to

Now, I have written numerous times about the dangers of how Obama is integrating theseMuslim immigrants into our country. They are being sent to very small communities, making it much easier for them to implement their customs instead of assimilating to our ways.

With so much money on the line, this is a clear message the people of Idaho do not want these immigrants in their towns. We can only imagine the impact they are having for them to be willing to dump tens of millions of dollars away.

We are seeing this more and more. Citizens of this country are getting very frustrated with the demands of these immigrants and the dangers their customs


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