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BURKA BOMBSHELL: Muslim country to ban the veil ‘because it is NOT Islamic’…can you guess which one

EGYPTIAN lawmakers have argued that full face veils are actually un-Islamic and even go against what the Quran advocates.

Days after Ukip reignited calls for a ban on the burka in Britain, Egypt have now moved closer to banning the veil.

The full-face veil has long been associated with followers of Islam and typically covers all of the wearer’s face other than their eyes.

Eypt, a predominately Muslim country, has placed several restrictions in recent years on wearing the niqab following a sudden rise in those wearing the full veil in the last decade.

The ban would apply in public places and government buildings in a bid to combat the sudden rise in women wearing the full niqab veil over past decade.

Leading politicians have argued that the full-face veil is neither an Islamic tradition, not required in the Koran.

Member of Parliament Amna Nosseir


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