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EXCLUSIVE: ‘You sweet woman, I kiss you so sweetly and endlessly. Your Heini.’ The twisted love letters of Nazi death camp monster Heinrich Himmler to his wife

  • The architect of the Final Solution to exterminate the Jews, Himmler met Marga Boden, a widow seven years his senior, on a train to Munich
  • She was a Red Cross nurse in a private clinic and the sexually inexperienced and sickly Himmler was smitten
  • The couple plotted their ‘safe fortress’ far from the ‘evil world’, the ‘dirt of the big city’ with the hated ‘Jewish moneybags attitude’
  • Marga viewed his time with ‘the Boss’ [Hitler] as competing for time they shared
  • With defeat imminent, committed suicide with a cyanide capsule on May 22, 1945. 
  • Marga showed no emotion when told of her husband’s death. 
  • A ‘corpulent woman with her hair in a severe bun, and numerous gold teeth,’ she blamed the war on the English

Heinrich Himmler was Nazi Germany’s First Henchman, the architect of the Final Solution designed to execute Adolf Hitler’s plan to exterminate the Jewish people.

But his bizarre letters to his wife, Marga, discovered in Tel Aviv in the early 1980s and authenticated by historians in 2014, reveal a total disconnect from his life as a monstrous war criminal. He wallows in banal references to the vegetable and poultry farm she tends as he fulfills his evil mission and signs off with egocentric, sloppy and sentimental expressions of his love.

‘All that is filthy is kept far from our home – our castle. You sweet woman, I kiss you so sweetly and endlessly. Your Heini’, the mass murderer writes in Letters of a Mass Murderer, The Private Heinrich Himmler, edited and with commentary by Katrin Himmler, the great neice of Himmler,  and Michael Wildt and published by St. Martin’s Press.


Himmler remained ‘downright cheerful’ in his letters, detached from his role of a serial killer violently murdering Jews and focusing on ‘the destruction of the Jewish race in Europe.’

When he met Marga Boden in the late 1920s on a train returning to Munich, she was seven years his senior, divorced and a Red Cross nurse in a private clinic.

Blonde and blue-eyed, she fulfilled the German ideal for Heinrich, who was hardly the ideal of Aryan masculinity.

Sickly and weak as a child, he struggled his whole life to be the ‘tough man’ ideal of the party but weighed only 132 pounds in 1928.

Himmler found it appealing that as a head nurse, Marga could care for him with his delicate health and chronic stomach issues – as well as keep the books.

Marga felt stigmatized as a divorced woman and feared that she might never find another husband.

Heinrich was sexually inexperienced when they met and she was no longer ‘pure’ but his initial sexual insecurity changed to sexual superiority



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