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German Government Admits That Minimum 45% Of ALL Crimes Are Committed By The New Muslim “Refugees” They Just Invited But Are Embarrassed To Admit It Because They Do Not Want To “Stigmatize” Anybody


Remember that in Germany, a “German” is not just a native German man. It includes ALL legal German citizens born in the country. When you consider how Germany already has a large Muslim population excluding the “refugees,” one fact becomes blatantly obvious- Muslims commit most of the crime in Germany.

The other interesting part about this report is how the government was uncomfortable releasing the report- because it might “feed the far right.” Or, translated, people would get upset and turn even more against Merkel’s plan to ritually sacrifice what is left of Germany’s history and people on the altar of political correctness and self-interest.

From Die Welt:

As the view in the presented on Monday, current crime statistics reveals the number of so-called non-German suspects in 2015 rose again. They now make up 45 percent of the nearly 74,000 alleged perpetrators.

The list of those categorized as foreign suspects is long. A distinction is made by stationed forces, tourists, students, workers, traders and also asylum seekers. The mass of the suspects (61 percent), however, has so far


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