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Jihadi baby factory: ISIS fighters ‘impregnate 30,000 women & girls’ to expand terror army

THE next generation of terrorists are being born to tens of thousands of jihadi brides who have been impregnated by Islamic State (ISIS) fighters, it has been claimed.


Researchers in the UK believe 31,000 women and girls could have become pregnant by extremist fathers, with many of those foreign fighters who have travelled from Europe.

The depraved Islamist organisation is recruiting women from the West to create baby factories.

ISIS has been rocked by defections and deaths in the wake of airstrikes by Russian and US-led coalition bombers.

But the new report by the British think tank the Quilliam Foundation found the group may be attempting to boost its depleted population with thousands of new births.

Senior researcher Nikita Malik said: “That 31,000 women are pregnant in the ‘caliphate’ is very worrying indeed.

“It is imperative that the international


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