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‘Multiculturalism has failed’: Russia says the EU has ‘wilfully ignored’ the differences in culture between Islamic migrants and Europeans

  • Head of Russia’s Federal Migration Service has accused EU of failing to create unified strategy to integrate refugees
  • He said the EU was caught ‘unprepared’ when thousands of migrants first starting arriving on the Continent last year
  • Also said it was a ‘mistake’ to offer refugees ‘generous benefits without integrating them into the labour market’
  • Comes as five migrants including baby drowned as they continued to ignore warnings not to cross Mediterranean 

Russia today lashed out at the EU’s handling of the migrant crisis, accusing leaders of wilfully ignoring cultural differences that have caused such widespread friction and chaos across the Continent.

Konstantin Romodanovsky, head of Russia’s Federal Migration Service, said ‘multiculturalism has failed’ because Europe never formed a unified strategy to integrate refugees into Western society.

He said: ‘The European Commission left it up to individual nations to decide how they want to treat asylum seekers – despite the fact the policies and capabilities of member states are very different.

‘The EU does not have an effective system for registering incoming migrants or effective mechanisms for deporting illegal immigrants.’


As a result, he claims the EU was caught ‘unprepared’ when hundreds of thousands of migrants first starting arriving on the Continent last year.

He also accused leaders of ignoring the ‘differences in culture, religious traditions, and customs’ with the refugees, the vast majority of whom are Islamic.

He told RT: ‘Practicing family reunification and offering refugees generous benefits without integrating them into the labor market, the EU did not expect that such a great number of people would claim these rights.

‘This was clearly a mistake. The policy of multiculturalism has failed.’

He pointed to the mass sex attacks by gang of migrant men on women in Cologne.

He said: ‘Note the defiant behavior of refugees and their growing claims and demands. What happened in Germany on New Year’s Eve is a striking example of this.’

His comments came after it emerged Brussels was seeking a deal with Vladimir Putin to stop fuelling the influx of migrants into Europe.

A sharp rise in numbers entering the continent from Russia has led senior officials to plead with Moscow for help.

It comes despite warnings that, by bombing Syria and



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