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So a Ten-Foot-Tall Vagina Was Erected in Tel Aviv…

The Israeli metropolis just might be the first city to become home to an enormous vagina made of prostitution advertisements.


Many metropolitan cities are known for their art scenes. Tel Aviv, however, just might be the first city to become home to a 10-foot-tall vagina made of prostitution advertisements.

Just in time for International Women’s Day, artists Sasha Kurbatov and Vanane Borian erected the piece on Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard, which is one of the area’s cultural hubs. The structure’s surface is composed entirely of cards advertising prostitution and escort services. The structure stands upright at the end of a pathway also made of prostitution ads. Thousands of them. It took Kurbatov and Borian a full year to collect enough.

These ads featuring sexually suggestive images of women have become a scourge, filling streets and gutters and car windshields citywide. This problem, in addition to the ads’ implications about the prostitution industry and Israeli society in general, is the target of the giant vagina’s statement – namely, the commodification of women’s bodies.

To that end, both the massive orifice and the path leading to it are plastered with these paper symbols of the all-too-common financial, social, and sexual fetishization of the female body. It forces spectators not only to confront the very


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