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When is the right time to eat a banana?


No one among us think too much about when is the right time to eat a banana? We don’t bother to think about it or explore when to eat it. Mostly we think about when it is ready and then we shall eat it. We have to give more consideration to this and know when you have to eat this amazing fruit. When you explore it, you will be more prone to its pros and cons. In this article you will get to know more about your diet and your figure. More importantly you will get to know what the right time to eat this is.

Ripe Banana (Image 4-7)

What is so special about banana that is shown in the above state image? According to the experts, it is believed that more the dark banana will be, more prevalent it will be (anti-cancerous) in its properties. It is just because of the TNF, the number of spots (brown) one in this amazing banana. When the banana is read to ear, it will have a lot of concentration and contain a lot of important things that include vitamin B, Potassium, Vitamin C, Fiber, Anti-oxidants and many more important vitamins.  According to experts it is always best for you to wait until the banana is ready to eat as it is very beneficial for human health.   There are some moments when you are not required to eat


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