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Arab League also declares Hezbollah a terrorist entity

Following a heated debate, the Arab League joined the Gulf States and voted in favor of declaring Hezbollah a terrorist entity.


The Arab League declared today (Friday) that Hezbollah is a terrorist entity that operates through violent methods. Saudi Arabia, one of the most dominant members in the regional organization, were able to promote the decision despite the fact that the Lebanese and Iraqi representatives abstained from voting. At the beginning of the month, the Gulf States also declared Hezbollah a terrorist entity, a move that infuriated Nasrallah and other senior-level officials in Lebanon, and was even denounced by Israeli Arab MKs from the Joint List.

Hours before the vote, the Saudi representatives left the debate in protest after Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari praised the terror organization. “Whoever blames Hezbollah and the combat forces working alongside it of terrorism, supports and promotes terror himself,” he claimed. “They are the guardians of the dignity of Arabs. Nasrallah is a hero who protects our values and principles.” The Saudi representatives


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