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China’s Logical Answer to Terrorism: Shoot the Muslims


What used to be allies and economically still are, the USSR (now the democracy Russia) and China are making headlines in the United States for a unique way to handle a growing problem. In Russia, the violence of Islamic Radicals was blamed on the Qur’an, so Russian courts banned the Qur’an. In China things took a more drastic measure on the handling of Muslim Extremists. China has now decided to answer the Muslim terrorist groups by shooting Muslims.

In the province of Xinjiang, China, Muslim extremists have been slowly moving into the province under the guise of working in the area and keeping the area full of violence. In March 2013, China began to combat the terrorism on a one on one level. They began shooting back. While the Chinese said these remote “incidents” were in order to combat terrorism, one BBC reporter asked if this was actually about religious oppression. His question was met with stern remarks.

But that didn’t stop the Muslim extremists from continuing to escalate the violence. More immigrants kept flooding into the region and the more they came the worse it got. For every terrorist act, China acted back. The violence spread to the point that China called for international help for what it called a common international foe.

Well, it seems that the call for help did not rally the UN troops to China. It has not stopped the terrorist cells from continuing to escalate the violence. China says that all nations now must face a choice on this continuing Radical Islamic threat. Meanwhile, they have decided that a show of force or a few routine gun fights are not enough to curb the violence. It seems in a move almost as bold as Russia banning the Qur’an, they have decided that the only way to deal with the actions is by equal or greater force. Chinese Military and Police are now shooting suspected Muslim extremists on the spot.

From Radio Free Asia:

Chinese security forces shot dead five ethnic minority Muslim Uyghurs in the third consecutive week of fatal shootings in a restive county in the northwestern region of Xinjiang, an exile Uyghur group said Monday, accusing the authorities of a “cover-up”.

The latest killing in Yingwusitang township in Yarkand (in Chinese, Shache) county, which is administered by the Silk Road city of Kashgar, occurred on Friday when police surrounded a house and gunned down five occupants who had not been suspects of any crime, according to the Munich-based World Uyghur Congress.

Dilxat Raxit, the Sweden-based spokesman for the group, accused the authorities of using excessive force in the incident, saying it was unfortunate that the killings came ahead of the Eid al-Adha, the Muslim festival of Sacrifice, to be observed on Tuesday.

“Ahead of the festival, Chinese armed personnel surrounded a Uyghur house in Yarkand. They opened fire and caused the death of five Uyghurs. They used excessive force,” he told RFA’s Cantonese Service.

“The authorities have tried to cover up the news. They thought some suspects were inside [the house],” he said, suggesting that the five had done nothing wrong.

A staff of the police station at Yingwusitang, when contacted, said he did not know about the shooting incident.

A local motel staff said the shooting occurred after “some disruptive people escaped and they [the police] could not arrest them.”

Increasing violence

In the previous two weeks, seven Uyghurs had been shot dead by police in separate clashes in Yarkand


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