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Paris: 4 Muslim teen girls arrested for planning jihad attack on concert hall

Do French authorities think that the friends and relatives of these girls are going to become loyal, productive French citizens? On what grounds? Do they think these girls were hit by some virus that is isolated from the rest of the community?


“Four teenage girls arrested for planning Bataclan-style attack on a concert hall in Paris,” by Selina Sykes, Express, March 11, 2016:

The four young girls, including two sisters, “exchanged messages on Facebook” discussing carrying out an attack on a specific music venue in Paris.

The teenagers had decided to get guns from Moleenbeek in Belgium – the troubled town where brothers Brahim and Saleh Abdeslam came from and where much of the Paris terror plot was formed.

The thwarted terror plot is chillingly similar to the atrocities committed at the Bataclan theatre during the Paris attacks on November 13 last year.

Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists armed with Kalashnikovs and suicide vests stormed into the concert hall and murdered 90 people during a rock gig.

French terror police thwarted the girls’ threat in its “early stages”, with no weapons or explosives found during searches at the teenagers’ homes, officers confirmed.

Two of the girls accused of plotting a terror attack appeared in front of an anti-terror judge in Paris today.

The youngest girl has been placed in custody


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