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Remember when we were supposed to elect Obama to “repair” our relationship with Europe?

Obama decided to rant about Europe to Jeffrey Goldberg for an Atlantic piece in which he blames his Libyan War on the UK and France and reveals that the only European leader he likes is Merkel (surprise). He reveals that he threatened the “special relationship” between the US and the UK in a talk with the British prime minister, whom he also insults in the piece.

Britain’s ‘special relationship’ with the United States came under threat today as a former Cabinet minister hit back at Barack Obama after he savaged David Cameron for leaving Libya a ‘s*** show’ after intervening to oust Colonel Gadaffi in 2011.

This latest tantrum is not going over well in the UK.

Britain’s Social Care (and former foreign office) minister Alistair Burt tweeted in response to Obama’s Atlantic interview: “Interesting from Obama on Libya. When I’ve been in the MENA region it’s not the UKs retreat that’s commented upon, Mr President.”

Not only British Conservative MPs but British Labour Party MPs are also criticizing Obama.

Among them, senior Labour MP Barry Sheerman tweeted: “Truth is that Obama has been a huge disappointment as a President & leader of free world.”

French MP Herve Mariton, responding to Obama’s criticism of Britain and France, told the BBC: “I would offer Obama a mirror.”

Lots of anger in the British press too. So now Obama Inc. is trying to undo the damage.

U.S. officials have tried to squelch the controversy by telling British media that the United States places a high priority on Britain’s support.

“Prime Minister Cameron has been as close a partner as the president has had, and we deeply value the UK’s contributions on our shared national security and foreign policy objectives which reflect our special and essential relationship,” spokesman


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