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Muslim poses making Islamic State sign with AK-47, family says it was a joke

And you’ve got to admit, supporters of the Islamic State are known for their puckish sense of humor.


“Montrealer linked to suspected terrorism may have spent time in Syria,” CBC News, March 10, 2016:

Radio-Canada has learned that a Montreal man, who was arrested last week in Gatineau, Que., on suspicion that he may be planning a terrorist act, might have spent time in Syria.

Several sources told CBC’s French-Language station that Ismael Habib, 28, might have travelled to Syria a few years ago.

Radio-Canada has also obtained a video that shows a man who is portraying himself as an ISIS fighter.

There is no way to prove whether or not he is indeed a member of ISIS.

In the video, the man makes threats against Habib. He shows some documents, which include what appears to be a copy of Habib’s passport as well as Habib’s marriage certificate from his 2012 wedding in Montreal.

Several people close to Habib also said that they have also received threats from someone saying they were with ISIS.

There’s also a photo of Habib carrying an assault rifle, with his finger pointing skyward in apparent reference to Allah.

Habib’s family members said the photo with


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