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CAUGHT RED HANDED: Like most everything else in his Presidency, Obama less than truthful about his ‘scolding’ of PM Netanyahu

Former Ambassador to the US Michael Oren says face-off with Netanyahu revealed by Obama in interview didn’t actually happen.

Barack Obama and Binyamin Netanyahu at the White House in 2010

Former Israeli Ambassador to the US MK Dr. Michael Oren (Kulanu) on Sunday denied US President Barack Obama’s recollections of a tense meeting with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, as published in an interview with Atlantic magazine last week.

In the interview with Jeffrey Goldberg, Obama described a meeting with Netanyahu in 2011, in which he claimed the Israeli Prime Minister was “condescending” in manner as he launched into a “lecture” about the dangers Israel faces in the Middle East.

Obama said he responded: “Bibi, you have to understand something. I’m the African American son of a single mother, and I live here, in this house. I live in the White House. I managed to get elected president of the United States. You think I don’t understand what you’re talking about, but I do.”

Responding to the interview, Oren told Galei Yisrael radio on Sunday that he doesn’t remember the incident happening.

“First of all we need to ask if this conversation actually happened,” said the former ambassador. “The ‘lecture,’ and I emphasize the quotation marks, took place on May 30, 2011 in the Oval Office.”

“I was there and the one-on-one talk between the two took place before the lecture, not after. Which means it’s impossible that he (Obama) told him (that) afterwards. I walked with them on the southern White House lawn after that, it was a very calm talk


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