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Is this a SPHINX on Mars? UFO enthusiasts believe they have spotted ancient Egyptian monument on surface of the Red Planet

  • Amateur astronomer Joe White, 45, claims to have seen a sphinx on Mars
  • He said a rock on the Red Planet looks eerily similar to the famous statue
  • The photograph was among those beamed back by the Curiosity rover

Space enthusiasts watching the Curiosity rover roam the surface of Mars claim they have spotted evidence of a statue of a sphinx on the Red Planet.

NASA has been beaming photos from space since their mobile robot Curiosity landed there in August 2012.

Keen-eyed amateur astronomer Joe White, 45, noticed a chuck of rock in the footage which looks bizarrely like an enormous long statue, complete with head.


Mr White, a space video journalist from Bristol, said: ‘I estimate it to be at least 100 feet long, possibly 200.

‘I have been studying this area in detail for years now and was looking for a closer photo of this spot as I suspected there might be something interesting to be seen.

‘When I looked at this particular NASA image I was


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