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Obama Is Now Threatening States That Don’t Want Muslim Syrian Refugees With This “Enforcement Action”


Over half of the governors of the United States are insisting that Syrian refugees are not relocated into their states. The governors have cited security concerns that the Obama administration is refusing to acknowledge. They have explained that unless each Syrian refugee is properly vetted, there is no reason for them to enter the country. Each of the governors have refused the federal funding to relocate refugees into their states.

In October, the Director of the FBI, James Comey, said that the United States is unable to vet incoming Syrian refugees for terrorist ties. He explained that there was no viable intelligence being gathered on the ground in Syria, and as a result, there is no database with which U.S. intelligence agencies can check incoming refugees against.

ISIS has already shown that it will use the Syrian refugee crisis to infiltrate foreign countries when they used that method to gain access to Paris to commit their attrocaties.

Despite this the Obama administration will proceed with its plans to relocate 10,000 Syrian refugees throughout the United States, and to make sure that governors play ball, the State

The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) Director, Robert Carey released a letter to address this issue for the president..

The letter explained that the ORR was committed to serving some


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