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One Israeli Company is Instrumental in Searching for Life on Mars


The same Israeli tech company that created the Iron Dome will now guide the ESA’s new Mars mission to safety on the Red Planet.

A new innovation from Israeli defense technology company Rafael is ready to further humanity’s exploration of Mars.

Rafael is best known for its contributions to Israel’s military in the form of air defense systems, particularly the Iron Dome and the recently implemented David’s Sling. However, the company has had a significant hand in space-related technology as well, namely in creating propulsion and reaction control systems (RCS) which help spacecraft land safely.

The latest is one such propulsion system designed for the ExoMars (Exobiology on Mars), a newly-developed mission to discover Martian life. The craft itself is run by the European Space Agency and consists of an orbiter, a rover, and two landers equipped to scour the Red Planet for clues that life exists or existed there.

What Rafael’s contribution to this mission will do is shepherd the craft smoothly onto the surface of Mars. The propulsion system does so utilizing a landing module which will be sent down ahead of the ExoMars rover, parachutes and damping implements to slow it down during the descent phase, and mini-rockets to be set off just before landing.

All in all, the intent of the Rafael system is to guide the ExoMars craft into its landing spot while protecting the fuel tanks, which could


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