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Fed up with Islam on the continent, Switzerland to hold referendum on whether to ban the burka

A BURKA ban already enforced in a region of Switzerland could be rolled out across the whole country after a referendum was given the green light.


The law was introduced in the Italian-speaking Swiss region of Ticino in November last year where the wearing of a burka or niqab in public is banned.

The move to prohibit wearing of the full-face veil was agreed in the wake of heightened terrorist alerts across Europe and anyone breaking the law faces a fine of up to £6,500.

Currently in region, it is now a criminal offence for women to cover their faces with garments in all public places, including shops, restaurants, public buildings, and behind the wheel of a car.

No exceptions will be made for tourists.

And now following an initiative launched by MP Walter Wobmann, from the Swiss People’s Party, an application has been made for a referendum on the burka ban, which has now been approved by the federal chancellery.

It means that Swiss people will be given the right to vote on whether they want the ban on burkas to apply to the whole country.

Exceptions would be made for mosques and other religious locations, and also for people who need to wear a veil for medical reasons, or who need to mask their face when the weather is bad.

In the application, Wobmann makes it clear that the reason for the ban is because: “No one should be able to compel another person to conceal their face because of their gender.”

His sentiments have been backed


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