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Obama’s State Dept: Needs More Evidence to Determine Genocide by ISIS and Assad – See more at:


The mountain of skulls is not enough.
The wholesale slaughter of Christians in the Middle East is not enough.

But invite Clockmed to the White House because he’s feeling persecuted over his homemade bomb hoax.

Obama is as culpable as ISIS. He armed them. He covered for them, and he is still covering for them.

Christianity has been wiped out of Muslim countries in the Middle East. The only country they are safe in is Israel, so why won’t Obama designate it genocide? Because this evil clown thinks it will tarnish his “stellar” legacy. That and it might reflect poorly on Islam, Gd forbid. What a lowlife.

I can assure you that in ten years, twenty years time, when people say Obama’s name, they’ll spit.

“State: Kerry Needs More Evidence to Determine Genocide by ISIS and Assad,” By Aaron Kliegman, Free Beacon, March 16, 2016:

The body of a man crucified by Islamic State killers hangs beside a road in Syria

State Department deputy spokesman Mark Toner said Wednesday that his boss, Secretary of State John Kerry, needs more evidence to determine if the Islamic State has committed genocide with its slaughter of thousands of innocents throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Congress had set Kerry a deadline of March 17 to officially determine whether atrocities committed by ISIS constitute genocide, but Toner told reporters during the State Department’s daily press briefing that the department will not have a decision by that date.

“Determining these kinds of legal definitions, such as genocide and crimes against humanity, require a very detailed, rigorous legal analysis,” Toner said. “[Kerry] is a lawyer, and, of course, that’s going to weigh into [how he makes his decision].”

“There are a lot of lawyers on [Captiol] Hill, too,” Associated Press reporter Matt Lee said in response, referring to the House of Representatives unanimously voting 393-0 on Monday to pass a resolution labeling the barbarity ISIS has perpetrated against Christians and other religious minority groups in the Middle East as “genocide.”

Toner clarified that his “only point is that he [Kerry] wants to base his decision on the best evidence available, and he has requested additional evidence, information, in order to [do so].”

“It just seems like there is a lot of evidence already out there,” Lee said in response.

The international community has decried ISIS’ slaughter and enslavement of anyone who does not submit to its uncompromising brand of Sunni Islam, killing Muslims as well as other religious and ethnic groups.

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum determined last year in a report that ISIS is guilty of carrying out genocide against the Yazidi religious minority in northern Iraq, a term the museum rarely uses.

“We believe Islamic State has been and is perpetrating genocide against the Yazidi people,” the report says. “Islamic State’s stated intent



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