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The HOAX leaflet that caused a deadly mass stampede of muslim ‘refugees” trying to cross a dangerous river in Europe

THIS single A4 piece of paper caused a killer stampede of migrants to cross a swollen river which claimed the life of a pregnant woman.


The fake Arabic note detailing how to cross the Greek-Macedonian border and evade police was passed among the 14,000 migrants living at the squalid Idomeni camp.

The author claimed to be a German politician, forging the signature of ‘Kommando Norbert Blüm’, a former employment minister and overnight guest at the camp earlier this month.

It stated: “There shall be buses or trains on the other side to take you to Germany.

“Those who remain in Greece will be deported to Turkey.

“Anyone who managed to arrive in the countries of Central / Eastern Europe will be able to stay. (Germany still cares for refugees).

There shall be buses or trains on the other side to take you to Germany

Hoax leaflet

“The fence in front of us stands to disorient us and think that the borders are closed.

“The fence ends after five kilometers from here, and still no fence that would prevent us to enter Macedonia. We can walk from here (see map).

“The camp Idomeni likely to be evacuated in the coming days. You will be directed to the Greek government bodies, from where you will later be returned to Turkey.”

It sparked 2,000 of migrants, some even in wheelchairs, to brave a perilous 6km trek, then attempt to cross the swollen Suva Reka river, where Greece lay on the other side.

But the leaflet was a trick, and the desperate migrants were met with a wall of soldiers when they reached the river.

Due to their sheer numbers they pressed on across the icy waters while Arabic-speaking police used megaphones to try and deter


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