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Norwegian police decide it’s best for the public to NOT know how many rapes the muslim ‘refugees’ are committing…because it might make them fearful


After the record year of 2011, the Oslo police made new guidelines so that fewer reported assault rapes would be given to the media.

In 2011 there were 55 reported assault rapes in the Norwegian capital. About half of the cases were attempted rape. In the media, it was referred to as a “rape wave”.

After this number of reported assault rapes, it has decreased year by year, especially attempted rape. Last year there were 22 reported assault rapes in Oslo, including five attempts.

About half of the cases are under investigation. The rest are dismissed.

– In 2011 there were a massive awareness about rapes and it was documented that the increase in reports was related to the number of press reports, says head of section for sexual crimes, Kari-Janne Lid, to VG.

After the record year, Marianne Sætre and Veslemøy Grytdal from the Oslo Police prepared the report “Rape in the global city”. The analysts concluded that the increase of reported rapes was strongly associated with the number of press reports.

When media wrote about the “rape wave”, police experienced an increase in reports by intoxicated women over 30, who had been at a party and been attempted raped by unknown assailant(s), the report said. The conclusion made the Oslo police prepare guidelines for media handling of sexual crimes.

– We’ve toned it down very much, admits Kari-Janne Lid.

Of the reported assault rapes last year, only five were featured in the media.

– Previously, we went out with many cases, but it created tremendous fear. A media image was created that there were many rapes constantly, says the section leader.

The new guidelines mean that police only


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