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The silver sniper: 62-year-old who has fought in five wars claims he has wiped out 173 ISIS jihadis in Iraq in less than a year

  • Abu Tahseen joined a Shia militia in Iraq in May 2015 to defend his homeland
  • Video shows him allegedly taking aim at jihadi sniper then shooting him dead
  • Talks about how gun throws victims back a metre before ‘putting them down’
  • Claims he is so accurate that ISIS militants are afraid to walk up his mountain 

A veteran sniper has killed at least 173 ISIS fighters in Iraq at the age of 62 after volunteering to join the fight against jihad in his home country.

Footage shows the grey-bearded Abu Tahseen allegedly shooting and hitting a militant from the mountains in Iraq he is defending with his deadly aim.

Mr Tahseen, who has fought in five conflicts, expertly spots the target, shoots, then says ‘sweet’ before praising the prophet Mohammed in the video.


The sniper joined the Popular Mobilization Units as a volunteer to defend Iraq is currently stationed at Makhoul Mountains in North Baiji.

He has been fighting since May 2015 and tells the camera he has already killed 173 militants, although the number could have risen significantly since it was filmed in December.

The pensioner, who has bullets longer than his fingers strapped to his belt, talks about what his powerful weapon does to his targets, saying it ‘pushes him back one meter before putting him down’.

He talks proudly about how militants fear the



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