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VIDEO: Black Man Tells Whites, “You’ll All Be Dead by the End of the Year”… Where’s the Media?

The liberal mainstream media goes to great lengths to highlight examples of white racism, but it seems reticent to do the same for black racism.

For instance, a recently uploaded video that you likely haven’t seen yet depicts a bigoted black man saying some incredibly racist things to Joey Boots, a contributor to the “Howard Stern Show.”

Apparently, an older black man who reportedly is known in Union Square for making racist comments started causing trouble for Boots and his friends.

This led to a verbal altercation of sorts. Later, as the older black man walked away from the scene, a younger one wearing a black t-shirt stepped in to defend the other guy.

“This mother****er [Boots] should be bowing to [the older guy],” the younger man ranted.

He added, “Just so ya’ll know, all of ya’ll’s time is coming, yo — ya’ll gonna die by the end of the year.”

When asked if he meant white people when he said “ya’ll,” he replied, “All of you people and your derivatives.” (H/T Right Wing News)

One of Boots’ black friends commented that it was like an example of “white supremacy, but backwards.”

Exactly. And therein lies the reason that the liberal mainstream media refuses to address this particular incident, let alone any like it — because examples like this crush their narrative.

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Can you imagine how the media would react if a crazy white man told a crowd of black men and women that “you people” are going to die by the end of the year?

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