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We can’t stop the migrants: EU says Britain has ‘MORAL DUTY’ to Turkey to accept refugees

THE EU sparked a furious row last night by saying Britain and the rest of the bloc had a “moral duty” to accept all refugees arriving by boat.


Christos Stylianides, the EU commissioner in charge of immigration, enraged Eurosceptics by insisting that turning boats full of migrants round and sending them back to Turkey or Libya is “against our EU values.”

Mr Stylianides is said to have to become angry when he was asked why the EU has not adopted the Australian system of sending boats full of illegal migrants back to their point of origin.

The revelation came as EU leaders threw open the Continent’s doors to Turkey in a deal to tackle the refugee crisis.

Talks to start the Turkish accession to EU membership process will now start in days and will eventually give its 77million citizens the right to come to the UK.

In the meantime the Schengen area countries will give Turkey visa free access in exchange for allowing Greece to return migrants who arrive after Sunday back to Turkey after being assessed.

And the EU has promised to accelerate payment to Turkey £2.3bn promised last November with a further £2.3bn to also be made available.

The Daily Express has learnt that the European Commission is now blocking a radical Australian style proposal to turn ships around at see and not let the migrants land in Europe.

The same policy was being pushed by Prime Minister David Cameron at the EU summit this week.

The plan was raised by a very senior MEP at a private meeting earlier this month as the solution to Europe’s refugee crisis.

But according to sources at the briefing, Mr Stylianides, a Greek Cypriot, at first tried to ignore the question and then “exploded” with anger when pressed on it.

MEPs in the room were said to be “shocked and surprised” by his response to what many believe is “a reasonable solution” to end the crisis.

At the meeting Mr Styliandes claimed


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