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Caught on camera: ‘Chilling’ Photos of US Nuclear Sub Breaking Through Arctic Ice

Foxtrot Alpha

This footage with multiple points of view of the Los Angeles Class fast attack nuclear submarine USSHartford breaking through the ice in the arctic circle. is unbelievably awesome. I’ve never seen aerial imagery of such an operation, but it looks like the earth is hatching a nuclear submarine.

The Hartford surfaced near a the Navy’s newly constructed ice camp dubbed “Camp Sargo.” The camp is named after the first US Navy submarine to conduct a Bering Strait transit during the winter years some 56 years ago. The camp consists of a command center, cold-weather shelters and other basic infrastructure to support more than 70 personnel at a time.

All this is part of Ice Exercise (ICEX) 2016, a set of international drills that the Navy intends to use for scientific research, test and evaluation of operational


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