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DON’T EVER TRY IT: British to station Navy military vessels off the coast of Libya to prevent Muslim ‘refugees’ from leaving to enter Europe

DAVID Cameron has said he will deploy Royal Navy ships near the Libyan coast in a desperate bid to turn migrants away.


The Prime Minister told his European Union colleagues at a summit that he is “extending deployment” of the HMS Enterprise on anti-trafficking operations in the Mediterranean sea until the summer.

Mr Cameron pledged to send migrant boats back to the Libyan coast to be “destroyed”.

He also stressed that he would like to see more co-operation with Turkey to ensure boats do not land in the Greek islands – which are in the free-travel Schengen zone.

Around 150,000 migrants made the perilous journey from Libya to Italy last year.

And the Prime Minister warned fellow European leaders of “taking their eye off the ball” regarding the smuggling route from Libya.

His comments came as EU leaders plan to strike a deal with Turkey over the distribution of migrants.

The proposed deal would see one migrant in Turkey relocated to EU countries in exchange for one failed asylum seeker in the opposite direction.

In return, the country would receive a massive


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