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Swedish town refuses to join in Earth Day ban on lights, due to fears that Muslim ‘refugees’ will use the darkness to sexually assault local women

  • Police in Östersund ban Earth Hour after 14 separate reports of sex attacks
  • Victims range from adults to young girls and attackers remain on the loose
  • Police won’t comment on perpetrators but victims claim they are foreign

A Swedish town has refused to turn its street lights off for just an hour amid fears that women will fall victim to sex attacks.

Police in Östersund have taken the measure to ban Earth Hour, a festival organised to raise awareness on climate change, after 14 separate reports of sex attacks in the area.

Victims have ranged from adult women to 10-year-old girls and perpetrators have managed to avoid capture.


Police have refused to give information on the appearance of the attackers but victims have reported characteristics to be of a foreign origin.

The decision to cancel Earth Hour, which involves lights being turned off around the world at the same time, was made in partnership with the local council and comes just weeks after police warned women to stay indoors at night.

Chief constable Stephen Jerand, told Sweden Television News: ‘We think it’s a very wise move and that the municipality made a good decision.

‘Keeping the lights on creates security and is in line with our common efforts to increase security under current conditions’.

Social Democrat spokesman for the local council, Ann-Sofie Andersson added: ‘Earth Hour is a good and important event, but this year we chose to have the


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