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WHICH COUNTRY WILL NUKE HIM FIRST: Kim Jong-un fires TWO MORE deadly missiles as tensions reach breaking point

NORTH Korea has launched two more ballistic missiles into the the Sea of Japan, according to US officials.


The rogue state appeared to fire two deadly medium-range “Rodong” missile about 500 miles into the Sea – about the same distance between London and Inverness.

It is believed that the second missile, fired shortly after the first, disintegrated in mid-air.

Japanese president Shinzo Abe condemned the launch, describing it as “extremely problematic”.

The latest provocation comes amid heightening tensions between North Korea and the West.

The brutal North Korean regime has remained defiant in the face of international sanctions imposed after the reclusive country apparently tested a massive hydrogen bomb in January.

The UN Security Council enacted restrictions on investment and exports to the communist state, as well as expanding powers to blacklist associates of the cruel autocracy.

Ruthless dictator Kim Jong-un’s state threatened on Tuesday to “burn Manhattan down to ashes” with a hydrogen bomb “bigger than



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