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Let this be a lesson to all the naysayers who claimed Obama’s “engagement” or rapprochement with the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate (euphemized as “Cuba” by the media and State Department) was pointless and idiotic —who claimed that the Castros would not budge from any of their policies.


Your humble and hard-working servant himself must now eat crow.  Exactly a year ago he went on John Stossell’s Fox Business show to hysterically berate Stossell and a CATO Institute scholar. These dogmatic libertarians claimed Obama’s policy was very wise and sound—and would shrewdly and magically beget modifications in the Castro regime’s modus-operandi.

OK, so there’s absolutely nothing in the actual 57 year history of the Castro regime to support such claims. Nonetheless, such miracles –they calmly explained– are forecast in the holy texts of all their economic gurus, who shame both Nostradamus and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in their transcendental wisdom and clairvoyance.

I argued otherwise, as seen here (WARNING! Graphically shows typical Crazy-Cuban shouting and arm-waving!)

Well, it turns out that the Castro regime has indeed modified some of its more recent policies. Over the past year, for instance:

*Cubans are suffering a wave of terror –involving everything from thousands, upon thousands of arbitrary arrests by KGB-trained secret police to machete attacks by regime-paid mobs against peaceful women dissidents—surpassing anything seen in decades.

*Cubans are risking their lives to flee Cuba at a rate unseen for decades.

*The teenzy-tiny number of Cubans who Cuba’s Stalinist rulers graciously tolerated as self-employed in such lucrative fields as shoe-shine boys, street mimes and corner fruit and vegetable peddlers, etc. has declined drastically.     

“Who cares?!” Some readers retort. “Obama is President of the U.S.—not Cuba!  And anyway, those Latin-American banana republics are always hopelessly screwed up. Their people are always trying to sneak into the U.S. !”

In fact, prior to Castro– when all Cubans were perfectly free to emigrate


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