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TERRIFYING REPORT: ISIS will attack Europe in September 2016

Islamic State (IS), also called Daesh and ISIS / ISIL, already has a many-headed army of conquest in Europe, says the Swedish lawyer Henning Witte, who has information from various sources regarding the inflow, arming, training and activities that he has been able to link to the terrorist army.

Despite the world’s worst terrorist organization, ISIS or Daesh, as it is called in the Arab countries, often in 2014 and 2015, has threatened to bring holy war to Europe, I have not really wanted to believe it. There has not been any huge attacks in Sweden or Germany, “only” a major terrorist attack in Paris on November 13, 2015, but it was a single terrorist attack, not an army that attacks and proclaims a caliphate in France and other parts of Europe, writes Witte.

Shortly thereafter, in late November 2015, I was traveling in Germany and spent a night in Hamburg with a good friend of mine for many years. Before we went to bed, he told me something which he had been told by his contacts within the German security services. They were risking their lives entrusting him with the information; that ISIS has smuggled in a whole army of about 400,000 men and women since 2014. Officially the security services were not allowed to disclose the information and one of my friend’s contacts even had disappeared without a trace after he had warned my friend. The friend also had contacts within the police and with a high ranking judge in Germany.

The attack date in March 2016, has been moved to September 2016, according to my German sources, says Witte.



Our German interview was during the first ten days of December 2015 seen by more than 100,000 people in Germany, he says.

As Sweden takes in even more immigrants per capita than Germany, mostly unknown men in fighting age, who don’t even bother register with the authorities, it provides an interpolation that quickly gives the result that a secret ISIS army has even been smuggled into Sweden, perhaps in the order of 20,000 to 40,000 men.

What are the signs of that?

Henning Witte lists some of the signs.

1. Approximately 80 percent of the migrants are young Muslim men between 18 and 35, often well-trained and well-equipped with smart phones, etc. They are well-fed and aggressive. Most unaccompanied children are not children but are lying about their age.

2. According to statistics from the United Nations for 2014, four out of five Syrian refugees were women and children. Of those, hardly any have come to Sweden, and most people who come here are not even from Syria, but are lying about it. There is an abundance of fake Syrian passport that are often produced and sold in Turkey. Most ISIS terrorists come from countries other than Syria, therefore, what is happening in Syria is


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