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Why are ISIS beheadings barbaric, yet the mass public beheadings by Saudi Arabia continue to be ignored by the world

Horror footage, revealed in a documentary to be broadcast tomorrow, shows five headless bodies – said to belong to robbers – hanging on a pole as a reminder to the public not to step out of line.


They were said to have been left there for days.

In another brutal example of the Middle East country’s oppression a woman is held down on a roadside while a policeman decapitates her with a sword.

The victim, who screams “I did not do it” just before her executions, had been convicted of killing her stepdaughter.

The death penalty can be imposed for repeated drug use, homosexuality, adultery and witchcraft.

Other punishments include public stonings, lashings and even amputation of hands or feet.

The shocking documentary shows viewers what locals call Chop Chop Square in the capital of Riyadh where many of the killings take place.

One scene shows a woman brutally knocked to the ground while police brandish whips.


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