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I KNEW THIS BULLSH*T EXCUSE WAS COMING: Terror attack was ‘revenge’ for arrest of Europe’s most wanted man, the Muslim terrorist who eluded French police

Revealed: Terror attack was ‘revenge’ for arrest of Europe’s most wanted man… but was Belgian bloodbath triggered EARLY because fanatics believed Paris jihadi Abdeslam would betray them?


Europe’s security services had feared a bloody terrorist outrage in Brussels since the high-profile arrest of Paris failed suicide bomber Salah Abdeslam in the city four days ago.

Intelligence officers today described the attacks in the Belgian capital as ‘sadly expected’ both as a ‘revenge’ for the arrest of Europe’s most wanted man but also ironically because the jihadists knew that HE could betray them.

For while the Brussels-born Islamist had become a symbol of defiance for the jihadist movement and Islamic State during his extraordinary four months on the run under the noses of Belgium’s biggest manhunt, his dramatic arrest on a street in the Molenbeek district of the city also signalled the net could be closing on those he had plotted with.

Crucially, Belgian investigators had already suggested that Abdeslam was co-operating with them and his fellow jihadists would have known that he could betray them – and their plans.

Intelligence officers told MailOnline the concerns of his fellow terrorists would have been fuelled by the fact that twice Abdeslam had ‘pulled back’ from killing himself by triggering a suicide vest – once in Paris and again on the day of his arrest.

‘This showed a weakness, a desire to live which would have been played on during questioning,’ an anti-terror specialist said today.

‘He was not a man showing inner strength and the capacity to withstand interrogation, this meant that if those involved in today’s attacks were known to him they believed they had to activate their plans before they too were arrested and their weapons seized.’


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