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‘Isis taught me to kill and behead anyone who is not a Muslim’: Horrifying ordeal of boy, TEN, kidnapped as child soldier by fanatics

The 10-year-old Yazidi boy in the blue cap with his soft brown eyes and cheeky smile watches the video intently – just like millions of boys his own age, captivated by their favourite films.


But the video which has so engrossed him is not the latest Hollywood blockbuster, but footage of a group of young boys dressed in military fatigues, Kalashnikovs in their hands, cries of ‘death to the infidels’ ringing in their ears.

For not so long ago, Adam was one of them, snatched from his family to become a ‘caliphate cub’ – an elite unit of boys taught to behead anyone who disagrees with the evil extremists’ vile views – even their own parents.

In an extraordinary interview, this young boy has told MailOnline of how he was pushed to his limits so he could beat someone to death with his bare hands, and forced to study videos of beheadings so he could learn how to become and executioner himself, in the most terrifying account of life as a child soldier in the caliphate to date.

‘ISIS taught me to beat and kill and behead anyone who is not a Muslim and does not follow the Koran,’ he said.

‘I was told anyone who does not follow the Koran was an infidel. I was shown how shoot and behead them.

‘We were forced to chant; ‘I will fight for ISIS, I will fight for Sheikh Baghdadi.’

‘Abu Adam’ was one of 150 youngsters brain-washed to hate non-Muslims and prepare to die in battle as one of the Caliphate Cubs, trained to fire a Kalashnikov automatic rifle and shown how to cut off an ‘infidel’s’ head with a knife.

Adam was one of their best fighters – ‘famous’, his older brother boasts – at the Al Farok Institute, where boys were instructed in a daily routine of religious indoctrination and military training by his fanatical tutors who wanted to turn him and his friends into an army of fearless ISIS killers.

Dressed in uniform and a black bandana he was paraded before the world as a willing recruit who would fight to his last drop of blood in shocking propaganda videos and photographs posted on the internet, just like the ones he watches on repeat.

Abu Adam, not his real name, was sent to the training camp in Raqqa after he was captured, along with dozens of other Yazidi boys, during ISIS’s lightening attack on Sinjar in August 2014.

About half those in training were Yazidis, separated from their relatives, forced to adopt an Islamic name, pray five times a day and banned from speaking their native Kurdish language.

Packed up to 20 into a room the young recruits slept in bunk beds and helped each other learn the long difficult passages from the Koran – to escape beatings if they got it wrong.

Their daily routine consisted of hours of religious indoctrination followed by hours of physical exercises, military training and propaganda.

‘We were taught about Islam and how to fight and that was it,’ he said.

‘We were woken at 4am for the first prayer. We went back to sleep for a couple of hours.

‘They woke us again at 6am. They taught us the Koran and Sharia law until 12.

‘Then after lunch, at 1pm, we would receive military training.’



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