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ISRAELI PM NETANYAHU: Even if you give up Brussels, terror will continue

In broadcast to AIPAC in Washington DC, Netanyahu states ‘terror has no grievances, it’s not like we could offer them Brussels.’


By Arutz Sheva Staff
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu deliver a speech in a live broadcast to the AIPAC conference in Washington DC on Tuesday.

Responding to the horrific attacks in Brussels earlier in the day, Netanyahu said, “terrorists have no resolvable grievances, it’s not as if we could offer them Brussels, or Istanbul, or the West Bank. That won’t resolve their grievances.”

“Their basic demand is that we simply should disappear,” he said, emphasizing “that won’t happen.”

Elaborating on Israel’s technological breakthroughs, Netanyahu said, “the world is coming to Israel,” noting the expanding economic and technological ties worldwide.

However, he pointed out that while individual nations embrace Israel, the United Nations submits Israel to “systematic discrimination,” working to “delegitimize its very existence.”

He said he was glad to hear candidates from both parties in the US presidential race backing the basic principle of direct negotiations in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as opposed to supporting unilateral moves to pressure Israel at the UN.

Calling on the Palestinians to accept the Jewish state of Israel, he reiterated that he is open to start negotiations “anytime, anywhere,” emphasizing that Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is not ready to negotiate. Netanyahu also noted the incitement by the PA teaching children to stab Jews, and their vision to establish a state on the ruins of all of Israel.

He then showed the “daily pledge of allegiance” among the Palestinians, playing a video revealing the rampant incitement to terror in official PA TV and social media. “This is sick,” he said, after showing a video of an infant Arab girl waving a knife while shouting “stab!”

Netanyahu also mentioned how Abbas’ Fatah faction called the terrorist who murdered American tourist Taylor Force in Jaffa


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