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News Donald Trump Insults Obama: ‘I Wonder If They’re Setting Up A Little Area In Cuba For The Muslim Population’ (VIDEO)

In an interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, Trump used the terrorist attacks to imply that Obama’s Cuba visit may correspond with “setting up a little area in Cuba for the Muslim population.” Trump also said the bombings were a sure sign that if the United States doesn’t secure its border, it “is going to lead to just catastrophic problems.” The disgraced candidate actually had the nerve to say that a big part of the reason he has been “leading on the Republican side by a lot” was because of his racist, offensively strong position on building walls and controlling the border.

Fox News was more than happy to follow Trump on his criticisms of Obama, with Bartiromo noting that it was “interesting” that the President would be speaking at a press conference during his last day in Cuba. She said:

“Isn’t it interesting that now we understand that President Obama will give a live press conference later on today? He’s probably going to discuss the terrorist attack from the brutal communist dictatorship of Cuba. So, what irony that is.”
Trump jumped in and asked, “I wonder how many Muslims Cuba is taking in every year?”

“I wonder if they’re setting up a little area in Cuba for the Muslim population.”

Bartiromo moved right on through the interview, without even clarifying with Trump just why he would connect Muslim camps in Cuba to the President’s visit. You can watch the video of Trump’s disrespectful comments below:

Now, the fact that Trump is making inflammatory remarks about Muslims is no surprise as he has been expressing anti-Islamic sentiments throughout his entire campaign. However, his remarks about Obama have different implications considering that Trump has become infamous for his claims that Obama was not born in America, and therefore should not be president. Trump started his own birther movement surrounding those claims, insisting that the President show his long-form birth certificate despite the overwhelming evidence that Obama was indeed an American citizen. Trump has also criticized Obama for making a speech at an American mosque, saying “Maybe he feels comfortable there.”


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