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AN AMERICAN DISGRACE: In Wake of Brussels Jihad: Obama’s State Dept SCRUBS, CENSORS, REFUSES to Identify or Acknowledge Numerous AMERICAN VICTIMS OF BRUSSELS JIHAD ATTACKS

In what has now become a repugnant, disgusting pattern of the Obama administration, Obama’s State department refuses to comment, confirm or identify American victims of jihad.


This is standard operating procedure – the Obama administration waits until the media swarm passes and people move on before they quietly release the number of victims or the monstrous details of the latest Islamic attack. The Obama administration all but ignored the fatal stabbing Taylor Force two weeks ago. Force’s murder by Muslim terrorists was virtually ignored by this savage administration.

Watch this video – the usually pro-Obama, pro-Islamic AP walks on White House State Department spokesman after he refuses to confirm any of the victims of jihad terror in Brussels.

Reporter walks out after State refuses to confirm U.S. injuries in Brussels,” The Washington Examiner, March 23, 2016:

The Associated Press’s chief State Department reporter walked out of a press briefing on Tuesday after State spokesman John Kirby refused to confirm the latest numbers of U.S. citizens injured in the terrorist attack in Brussels on Tuesday.

Kirby started the briefing by saying he would not discuss the numbers of Americans thought to be hurt in the attack, and did say State at this point is not aware that any U.S. citizens died.

But some reports have already surfaced that three Mormon missionaries from Utah were hurt, and that one U.S. servicemember and his family sustained injuries.

Based on those reports, the AP’s Matt Lee asked why State couldn’t at least provide that kind of preliminary information.

“Why can’t you just say the number that you have confirmed, and qualify it by saying it’s incomplete and it could rise?” Lee asked. “If the State Department is not able to give even a preliminary, albeit incomplete count, why?”

“Because there isn’t a confirmed count right now,” Kirby said. “The number keeps fluctuating as you might expect it will in a situation that is this fluid.”

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