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Earth is seeing second of a DOUBLE astronomical spectacular RIGHT NOW

The lunar eclipse is a penumbral one, meaning only a section on the moon will be darkened.


It is expected to last for four hours and 15 minutes and will peaked at around a short while ago.

However, those of us in Europe and Africa will be out of luck if hoping to see the rare event.

But citizens of western USA and Canada as well as eastern Australia and New Zealand will be able to see the full effects of the penumbral eclipse.

A penumbral eclipse is the result of the moon travelling through the Earth’s outer shadow, which casts darkness on the lunar satellite when the Earth and the moon align almost perfectly with the sun. says: “A penumbral eclipse is very subtle. At no time does a dark bite appear to be taken out of the moon.

“Instead, at mid-eclipse, observant people will notice a shading on the moon’s face. They might say the moon looks strange.”


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