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The Brussels airport terrorists were not suicide bombers. A jammed gun averted a mega massacre

The Brussels airport terrorists were not suicide bombers. A jammed gun averted a mega massacre
DEBKAfile Special Report

Three Islamist bombers in action and their real faces.
The evidence building up belies the claim by Belgian security authorities that the two brothers responsible for the Brussels outrage Tuesday, March 22, were suicide bombers. They were identified Wednesday, March 23, as Khalid and Ibrahim El Bakraoui, who were known to the police.
DEBKAfile’s counterterrorism sources find indications that the two men got away and are still alive. They did not use explosive belts for the bombings that claimed 14 lives, injured scores and totaled the Brussels airport departure hall. But, according to the findings at the main scene of the carnage near the American Airlines desk, they detonated bombs weighing several kilos from their luggage carts, or from the floor underneath.
The massive bomb blasts and metal shrapnel thrown out in the explosion caused injuries in the lower parts of their victims’ bodies, according to the descriptions in Brussels hospital websites and social media.

An explosive belt tied to a suicide killer would have caused chest and upper limb injuries.
The taxi driver who dropped the two terrorists off at the airport reported that they refused his help for unloading their suitcases, although they were very heavy. They most likely contained the deadly bombs.

Both brothers wore a black glove on each of their left hands, apparently to conceal  remote control buttons for the bombs in the carts they were pushing through the hall. But suicide bombers detonate their explosive belts by a built-in mechanism.

Despite the spreading shock effect of the airport attack, it is also becoming clear that the terrorists only accomplished the first part of their jihadist mission. The Islamic State, which approved the operation, had  envisaged a much bigger atrocity. This is attested to by the discovery of three bags containing identical kits of firearms and ammunition, a bomb belt, two AK-47 automatic rifles, magazines and hand grenades – all intact and unused. The police detonated them by controlled explosion.


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