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Despite Sweden’s rape cases soaring at the hands of Muslim immigrants, Swedish women show support for Islam by taking selfies in hijabs after #BrusselsAttacks

Sharpening the swords of the their executioners. It’s no wonder that Stockholm Syndrome is named after a Swedish city.

These women want to show solidarity? Why not offer themselves as sex slaves to the Islamic State?

Sweden’s goose (or is that goat?) is cooked.


From the hijabuppropet website (thanks to Jim Hoft):

The violance [sic] against Muslim women has increased, and this is extremely worrying. Their basic rights are not being respected, their civil rights are being respected. And we need to put a stop to this. Being called names in the streets, getting their scarfs/hijabs ripped off their heads, and being slandered has become a daily routine for many muslim women.

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