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‘ve been writing about this for a while. It’s good to see it being said openly. Especially now that Obama tried to fake yet another diplomatic crisis because of another manufactured Israeli “insult”.


Former Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren says that Obama and his administration intentionally worked to create distance between the historic allies.

“Obama chose to create the crises [between Israel and the US],” said Oren.

“There were differences of opinion with America, as there have been for years. The disagreement regarding Jerusalem has been around since 1948, the disagreement over the settlements since 1967. The thing is he chose to deal with these disagreements publicly. He chose to put diplomatic distance between the US and Israel.”

Among [Netanyahu’s] advisers, there were differences of opinions on how to deal with Obama, and sometimes we made mistakes. But we never did so intentionally. On the other side, however, [in the Obama administration] there was a clear effort made to create diplomatic distance and at times even to create diplomatic crises.”

As an example of such a crisis, Oren cites the infamous diplomatic dustup during Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel in March 2010, calling it a “fabricated crisis” intentionally created by the Obama administration regarding a routine approval announcement for construction inside an established neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Obama manufactures these crises, these “insults” by Israel to make him seem like the victim so that when he attacks Israel, he’s only “fighting back.” This is the Islamic terror strategy against Israel. It’s certainly disturbing that Obama chose to adopt it.


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