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PREPARE TO BE SHOCKED: 12 Western Countries That Will Be Islamic Republics In The Next 20 Years: France (1 of 12)



Muslims make up the second largest religious group in France. And, the Muslim Invasion of France has been going on since the 700’s. By 1543 Toulon, France was used as an Ottoman Naval Base, with the Toulon Cathedral being converted into a mosque. Toulon is a mere 375 nautical miles from Paris.

The current, modern age Muslim Invasion actually began in France in the 1960’s during the post-Colonial era. Much like today’s invasion, the Muslims were young, male economic migrants. And, as before, today’s Muslim Invaders have no interest in becoming part of French society and culture.

Unfortunately for France, in what can now clearly be seen as foreshadowing of what is to come to many Western Countries, in 2005 the “Muslim Riots” took place. The so-called “second generation migrants” had not become part of French way of life and horrendous riots rocked the Republic.

The 2005 Muslim Riots produced scenes of young Muslim youth, who were born and raised in France, burning, looting, pillaging and rioting. The Muslims youth burnt thousands of cars and targeted public institutions such as schools. They also targeted French Citizens for assault.

Prior to the current Muslim Invasion, France has had the largest Muslim population of any European Union country. As a result, the toll this has taken on France financially is astronomical. In comparison to what was once seen as “cheap labor,” the Muslims are now costing France not only their freedoms, but in real, financial costs as well.

Following the horrific numerous 2015 Islamic Terrorists Attacks in France, Hollande announced a €4Billion, over the next four years, increase to national defense. In addition, in response to the Islamic Jihad against France, Hollande has had to dedicate a 7,000-strong force specifically to patrol French Muslim communities.

And in the most bitter irony of all, French’s own strong culture of arts and learning produced a work foreseeing France at the forefront of the collapse of Western Civilization.  In 1973 French author Jean Raspail wrote the apocalyptic novel, The Camp of the Saints (Le Camp des Saints).

The novel, set in France, depicts a Third World mass migration leading to the downfall of Western Civilization. This exact plot is playing out exactly today in France. The French Republic is on the verge of becoming an Islamic Republic.

Current Government:

The Fifth French Republic is a unitary semi-Presidential Republic with a parliament which is a bicameral, consisting of a National Assembly and a Senate.

François Hollande, a member of the extreme, far-left Socialist Party, is President of the Republic and Co-Prince of Andorra. While he was raised Catholic, Hollande now claims to be an Atheist.


Following the cleansings of the French Revolution, French law prohibits the French Republic from collecting data on ethnicity and ancestry. This law was reaffirmed in the 1958 French Constitution. It is generally believed that the current ethnic make-up of France is:
White – 85%
Middle East North African – 10%
Black African – 3.5%
Asian – 1.5%

Christian- 63-66%, Primarily Roman Catholic
No Religion – 23-28%
Muslim 7-9%
Jewish .5-.75%
Buddhist .5-.75%
Other Religions .5-1.0%

Unemployment Rate – 10.2%




For many years, Swedes have prided themselves on their tolerance. The descendent of Vikings see themselves as the most open, prosperous and tolerant nation on Earth. Now, as they become an Islamic Republic, that tolerance has led them to near complete Islamization.

The crime statistics in Sweden are horrifying. InImmigration and Crime in Scandinavia, Martin Alex studied open source Swedish Government records. He found that, “A report studying 4.4 million Swedes between the ages of 15 and 51 during the period 1997-2001 found that 25% of crimes were committed by foreign-born individuals while and additional 20% were committed by individuals born to foreign-born parents.” That is 45% of the crimes were committed by immigrants or their children. And, almost all of the 45% were Muslim.

The Muslim crime wave in Sweden has become so bad that in late 2014 the Swedish Police released a lengthy report detailing 55 “No-Go Zones” which are controlled by Muslim Criminal Gangs. “No-Go Zones” are where Fire and Emergency Services will not go in without Police or Military protection.

Interestingly, the Swedish government seems to have a very high tolerance threshold. They are extremely tolerant of rape, allowing the Muslim Rape Epidemic to sweep over Sweden. After forty years of an “open door” immigration policy, Sweden has had reported rapes increase by 1,472 percent. For comparison, the U.S. Department of Justice statistics for rapes per 1,000 people from 1973 -2003 show a significant drop from 2.5 to .3.

The last Swedish Study which actually tried to track the rapists’ ethnicity was in 1996. In the report the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention found that Muslim immigrants from North Africa were 23 times more likely to commit rape than Swedish men.

In September and October 2015, as the first wave of the current Muslim migrants hit Sweden, a rash of disgusting crimes occurred. Shocking to even the most liberal Swede, the Muslim Invaders made their intents know. In a restaurant in Gothenburg, Sweden, in October 2015, Islamic State and the Levant (ISIL) declared Sweden a Caliphate. The Islamic Terror Group’s logo was put on a wall and the messages such as “convert or die” and “the caliphate is here” were written outside of a bakery.

With the Caliphate declared and Sweden unwilling to protect itself from the Muslim Invasion, Sweden is believed by many to be a failed Western State. And without the backbone of other Scandinavian countries to deport the Muslim Invaders, Sweden is now on the verge of becoming an Islamic Republic. This is backed up by Muslim politician in Sweden, Adly Abu Hajar’s declaration that “The best Islamic State is Sweden!”

Current Government:

The Kingdom of Sweden is a Constitutional Monarchy and a Unitary Parliamentary Democracy.

King Carl XVI Gustaf is the Head of State. The Prime Minister, Stefan Löfventhe, is from the Social Democrats Party (Sverigedemokraterna) and is a member of the Church of Sweden.


Sweden does not keep ethnicity records nor does it conduct a census which does. But, as of 2010, 1.33 million people, or 14.3% of the inhabitants of Sweden, were foreign-born. It is highly probable that the percentage has gone up. The Swedish Migration Board has forecast for 2015 the preliminary calculation base of 95,000 people, mostly young Muslim men, migrating to Sweden.

Lutheran – 87%
Oher – 13%, Including Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist, Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist

Unemployment Rate – 7.9%


In any other circumstance, looking solely at the figures, for a nation to have an influx of 1.5 million people in one calendar year would be called an invasion. But, in what most sane people around the world cannot understand, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked for and is welcoming with open arms the Muslim horde now taking over her country.

To the detriment of what may be the entire Western Civilization, Germany has again in the 21st Century caused a worldwide crisis. As many who lived through and fought in World War II are no longer around, and history seems to have been forgotten, few today remember what, in part, led Germany to turn to Nazism. In fact, like most things German, there is a word for it – Überfremdung

Überfremdung is translated to English as “Over-Foreignization.” The German-language term is used in politics to describe an “excess of immigration.” Prior to World War II, this is part of what helped bring Nazis into power – immigration. And just like World War II, some of the current economic immigrants are being housed in Nazi Concentration Camps, such as Buchenwald and Dachau.

Today, just as in the past, rational Germans are trying to stop the massive, unsustainable immigration. Groups such as PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident) have arisen to challenge the Muslim Invaders. In what can only be called a bizarre historical bit of irony, the groups are called extremists for trying simply to keep from having their nation turned into an Islamic Republic.

In a private, untelevised speech in September 2015, Munich SPD-Social Deputy Mayor Brigitte Meier was recorded as saying that the German government could no longer guarantee the public safety. And as if on cue, the Muslim Rape Epidemic exploded. In what was once a free and open society for women, German women and girls are now forced to live in fear that they will be raped as part of the Muslim Rape Epideimic.

2017 will marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting the Ninety-Five Theses. German Tourism is already hyping the anniversary and begging tourists around the world to come to Germany. Just like many other Western Countries following the Muslim Invasion, Germany will have little Christianity. But, unlike other countries, thanks to Angela Merkel, Germany will only have itself to blame. And the rest of the new Islamic Republics, just as with World Wars I and II, can look to Germany to thank for the invasion.

Current Government:

The Federal Republic of Germany is a Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic. Joachim Gauck is President and Norbert Lammert is President of the Bundestag.

Angela Merkel serves as Chancellor and is a member of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).


German – 91.5%
Turkish – 2.4%
Other – 6.1%, Including Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, and Spanish

Protestant 34%
Roman Catholic 34%
No Religion or Other 28.3%
Muslim 3.7%

Unemployment Rate – 5%



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