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NEUTRALIZED: Police SHOOT ISIS goon with backpack who was ‘plotting France terror attack’

A TERROR suspect wielding a black backpack has been shot and arrested in dramatic raids across Belgium as police continue operations in THREE countries to crack a HUGE terror network.


Police said they have ’neutralised’ a person in Schaarbeek during raids which have been taking place since last night. Prosecutors today said the man has been linked to a planned terror attack in France which was foiled yesterday.

Dramatic photos have emerged of the man lying in a tram stop with glass surrounding him and the backpack dangling from his arm.

It was not immediately clear what the bag contained, but police took no chances and sent in a remote controlled robot to him to check he was not armed or wearing a suicide belt.

The area is on ‘lockdown’ as the pubic are kept far from heavily armed agents and soldiers circling the area.

The bomb squad is also on scene and the ‘explosion’ is believed to have been a grenade set off by officers to stun the occupants of a house, local media has said.

The Belgian prosecutor’s office has confirmed the arrested is connected with an arrest in France, over a planned attack.

Raids have been taking place across Europe as police attempt to disrupt a HUGE terror cell spread across in THREE countries, following the bombings in Brussels on Tuesday which killed 31 and injured almost 300.

Nine people have now been arrested in Paris, Germany and Belgium, according to media reports, after raids through the night.

Six arrests were made in Brussels on Thursday while a seventh was reported on Friday morning. Police said a further three arrests have been made today as anti-terror officers continue their lightning crackdown on ISIS


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