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Trump: ‘The Palestinians’ must stop the terror and incitement

Republican presidential frontrunner expresses support for “two-state solution”, but says the PA must end the terrorist attacks.

By Elad Benari


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he supports a “two-state solution” for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but the Palestinian Authority (PA) must also recognize Israel and stop its incitement to terrorism against Israelis.

Trump’s comments came in a wide-ranging interview with The New York Times, published Saturday, in which he outlined what his foreign policy would be should he be elected president.

“Basically I support a two-state solution on Israel. But the Palestinian Authority has to recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. Have to do that,” he said, adding that the PA would also “have to stop the terror, stop the attacks, stop the teaching of hatred.”

“The children, I sort of talked about it pretty much in the [AIPAC] speech, but the children are aspiring to grow up to be terrorists,” continued Trump. “They are taught to grow up to be terrorists. And they have to stop. They have to stop the terror. They have to stop the stabbings and all of the things going on. And they have to recognize that Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. And they have to be able to do that. And if they can’t, you’re never going to make a deal.”

“One state, two states, it doesn’t matter: you’re never going to be able to make a deal” as long as the terrorism continues, the billionaire added. “They have to stop the terror. They have to stop the teaching of children to aspire to grow up as terrorists, which is a real problem. So with that you’d go two states, but in order to go there, before you, you know, prior to getting there, you have to get those basic things done.”

“Now whether or not the Palestinians can live with that? You would think they could. It shouldn’t be hard except


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