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VIDEO: Muslim refugees RIOT, SET CARS ABLAZE, ATTACK FIREFIGHTERS for 2nd night amid riots in Stockholm suburb


Muslim riots back …. in Sweden. Not only do these savages set cars ablaze; they attack the firefighters who respond to the calls. No one is ever prosecuted — the weak West cowers and hides and hopes the invaders will grow tired and stop. When, in fact, the opposite happens.

Swedish law forbids police to record the ethnicity and origin of the perpetrators — it might insult the rioters. The fact is that these are Muslim refugee neighborhoods.

Vehicles set ablaze for 2nd night amid riots in Stockholm suburb (VIDEO)

Violent riots continued for a second night in the southern Stockholm suburb of Alby, known for its significant immigrant population, RT’s Ruptly agency reports. Protesters set fire to cars and pelted police and emergency services with rocks and pyrotechnics.

On Thursday night, police were patrolling the suburb, which is home to large Syrian and Armenian diasporas, as well as more recent Iraqi refugees, when a rock flew through the back window of their parked car.

As officers searched for the culprits, the rioters set fire to tires on a public bridge, and poured gasoline over several cars, before lighting them up. When fire crews arrived they were also showered with projectiles.

On Friday night, police encountered yet more clashes


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