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The medical experts claim and warn us that we all have great chances of having parasites inside our digestive system. Well yes, and according to the latest statistics, 1/3 of Americans have parasites living in their digestive organs. You are probably surprised, right? Or you knew this? These parasites are more common than you may realize.

First, you should know that there are countless kinds of parasites that exist and many of them are so common, that you may even be unaware that some of the problems you’re experiencing could be because of parasites. Well, some people disagree, but other people even consider candida to be a parasite. It doesn’t matter, because many different people around the world are dealing with adverse health effects as result of parasites in their system.

Let me ask you a question – are you one of the many who are dealing with parasites? If you notice any of the early signs mentioned bellow, then you should see a doctor immediately. these are the most common signs you may have a parasite

Top 10 Signs You May Have a Parasite:

  • If you have unexplained constipation, diarrhea, gas, or IBS symptoms
  • If you had traveler’s diarrhea while traveling internationally
  • If you have a history of food poisoning and are still dealing with digestive issues
  • If you have difficulty falling asleep and you wake up often during the night
  • If you grind your teeth while sleeping
  • If you have skin irritations, rashes, hives, eczema or rosacea for unexplained reasons
  • If you have aching muscles and joints
  • If you never seem to feel full after your meals
  • If you have iron-deficiency anemia
  • If you are dealing with fatigue, depression, exhaustion or apathy

Note: if you have experienced some of these symptoms, you shouldn’t panic – because mother nature still got your back! You should use some of these miraculous and super healthy herbs. they will help you get rid of the parasites in your digestive system.


8 Herbs and Foods That Can Kill Internal Parasites Naturally

  1. Garlic

Garlic – we can easily say that garlic is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. It has super powers and it has shown to effectively fight against viruses, fungi, bacteria, parasites and cancer. It is also powerful against blood sucking parasites like mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. This means that you should eat some garlic if you are dealing with any bad stuff. So, what’s the best way to use it? Well, you can use garlic in many different ways, such as: just add it to your cooked dishes and if you are brave, you can even put it in your green juice.

  1. Black Walnut Nuts & Hull

Did you know that the nuts and green hulls of black walnut possess the powerful ability to cleanse your blood and your intestines? Well yes, and you should also know that black walnut hull is effective in helping with fungal infections. The juice from the green hulls is the part that is used to kill parasites. Note: make sure to only use green hulls. So, how to use it – just buy black walnut nuts and hull as a tincture and use it internally as directed. It is often found as an ingredient in internal cleansing products.

    3.WormwoodHave you ever heard of wormwood? Well, wormwood is an herb with small yellow-green flowers. Leaves and flowers are extremely useful and beneficial for your stomach problems and wormwood is the perfect remedy for intestinal worms. Note: wormwood should be avoided by nursing women. You should also know that wormwood has powerful antimicrobial properties and can be useful for other infections besides parasites. So, what’s the best way use it? Besides being found in many internal cleansing products, you can make tea out of wormwood. All you have to do is add 1 tsp. to hot water and you have a cleansing tea ready.

  1. Cloves

Did you know that the clove essential oil dissolves the eggs found in your intestines left behind by worms? The medical experts claim that clove may be the only herb that destroys almost all parasite eggs. It is incredibly powerful when used in conjunction with black walnut and wormwood, because the trio breaks the parasite’s life-cycles. You should also know that clove has powerful antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. So, what’s


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