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A UK NIGHTMARE: ISIS plotting 25 terror attacks on Britain as MI5 says it’s ‘not a case of if but WHEN

MI5 and British counter-terror police are tracking as many as 25 serious ISIS terror attack plots threatening to cause carnage on Britain’s streets, it has been revealed



Security officials are tracking up to 50 British jihadists 24 hours a day with “intense scrutiny” amid fears they could be about to unleash a wave of terror in Britain.

The terrifying claims by intelligence sources come as a former British intelligence officer admitted it was “a case of not if but when” ISIS terrorists strike at home.

MI5 is tracking the plots by “hardcore jihadists” but are struggling with limited resources.

The counter-terror officers are working around the clock to prevent an attack on the scale of Paris or Brussels taking place in Britain.

Investigators fear “sleeper cells” could be awaiting orders at a moment’s notice to carry out plots

These cells are often small, tight-knit groups that can more easily evade MI5’s network of tipsters monitoring mosques and radical meetings.

Militants in these cells are usually simply awaiting a green light to strike and could attack without any warning to security forces.

Security experts fear in the wake of Paris and Brussels atrocities that London could now be next.

A former British intelligence officer said: “Everyone in the counter-terrorism community believes an attack in Britain will take place.”

There are about 450


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