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An attack on a Christian convert just a few days ago in Bangladesh has strengthened the decision by the Muslim country to drop Islam as the official religion, according to Christianity Today. The Catholic Herald reported the attack that killed 68-year-old Hussein Ali Sarkar, who was stabbed to death in Bangladesh. The Catholic Herald reported that SITE, which is a US-based intelligence group, had stated that ISIS claimed responsibility for the death of Sarkar, saying that a “security detachment” killed the “preacher” to be a “lesson to others.” Sarkar had converted to Christianity in 1999 and was not a preacher, according to police.

Sarkar was on his morning walk on Thursday when three attackers stabbed him. After they killed Sarkar, they set off bombs in order “to create panic,” said Kurigram district police chief Tobarak Ulla to Reuters. According to the Catholic Herald, ISIS had also claimed responsibility for an attack on a mosque of Ahmadi Muslims. ISIS regard the Ahmadi Muslims as polytheists.

The Catholic Herald also mentioned that the ISIS official magazine, Dabiq, had published an article, “The Revival of Jihad in Bengal,” that celebrated the spread of the ISIS network into Bangladesh. Bangladesh has previously denied that ISIS has any presence in the country, according to CH. Police in Bangladesh said that a militant group, Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen, is responsible for recent violence in the country, including the death of Ali Surkar. Christians and minority religious groups aren’t the only ones in danger in Bangladesh; nine atheist bloggers have also been murdered or injured in the country over the past three years.

The recent attack by Islam extremists on Sarkar was just one of the latest incidents to cause concern for the Muslim-majority country of Bangladesh. Christianity Today reported that on March 27, the highest court of Bangladesh would hear a petition for more distance for the country from Islam. Islam was added as the state religion in Bangladesh’s constitution by military leaders in 1988. Soon after that, opponents filed an objection with the Supreme Court. Today, the court heard arguments that Bangladesh should return to


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