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ISIS cell planned to bomb security forces in Jerusalem

Two Arab Jerusalem residents charged with plotting attack on behalf of ‘Islamic State’ along with third individual.

By Uzi Baruch


Charges were filed today (Monday) at Jerusalem District Court against two residents of Tzur Baher in eastern Jerusalem who planned a terror attack on behalf of the so-called Islamic State (ISIS).

According to the charges against them, Muasab Alian, 23, and Samir Abed Rabo, 38, had planned to carry out a car bombing attack against security forces in Jerusalem.

Both were charged with conspiracy to aid the enemy in wartime. In addition, Alian was indicted on charges of membership in and activity on behalf of an illegal organization, membership in a terrorist organization, providing support to a terrorist organization and attempting to leave the country illegally.

Abed Rabo was also charged with supporting a terrorist organization and making contact with a foreign agent.

The charge sheet against them outlines a familiar pattern among Israeli-Arab ISIS recruits, many of whom have been jailed in the past and at least dozens of whom are currently in Syria and Iraq fighting for the so-called Islamic State.

According to the indictment, Muasab Alian began his affiliation with ISIS in early 2014, and between 2015-2016 took part in Islamic study sessions which included – among other things – instruction in the ISIS ideology.

By the start of 2015 he had sworn allegiance to ISIS, and decided to travel to Syria to fight among its ranks.

In October 2015 he traveled to Jordan, hoping to make his way from there to Syria via Turkey. However, he was arrested by Jordanian security forces and interrogated for several days before being deported back to Israel.

Undeterred, Alian worked to raise money in Israel to help him appeal to the Turkish Embassy to allow him to enter the country. At the same time he looked into the possibility of reaching Syria via Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, where ISIS has an active branch.

During the same period, Samir Abed Rabo had begun his own affiliation with ISIS, and was actively seeking out


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